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Launch March 2024

We are excited to announce

Our Florida Chapter of She Leads is launching March 2024

She Leads

Ruth 3:11

"She is my daughter who has no fear. I will do all she asks of Me, and the assembly of My people know she is a worthy woman."

She Leads America

Our Network

 Our Honoree Network recognizes the 

accomplishments of women of faith in:

   •    Business and Industry
   •    Health and Wellness
   •    Education
   •    Government, Law, Military and First Responders
   •    Non-Profits (Community Service, Social Action, Christian Ministry)
   •    Family Life and Welfare
   •    Media, Sports and Entertainment

Our Purpose

As a dynamic, diverse organization of accomplished Christian women from across the Nation, She Leads America offers perspective that can only come from hundreds of leaders representing a broad spectrum of influence. We provide a framework to link interdisciplinary perspectives, centered in the Bible. We share resources: ideas, people, strategic thinking. We connect to collaborate, so we can offer faith-based solutions for modern day challenges.

We build relationships. We build creative solutions.

She Leads Praise
She Leads Florida

Our Unique Approach

  • She Leads America, (SLA), provides a  safe platform for the exchange of ideas with a community of faith-focused, independent thinkers who support and encourage each other, networked together through deep relationships in Christ.  We build trust.

Our Four Pillars


Honor Where Honor Is Due
She Leads is built on honoring those who serve through peer-based nominations. We build mutual respect.


Official Recognition:
Those nominated are then recognized by State and National Legislators for their accomplishments in their States. We build affirmation.


Biblical Principles & Values
are central to our mission and message. Our focal point on God’s Word unites us. We build faith.


Community Outreach & Support
We work to contribute to others’ success and celebrate God’s faithfulness together. We build vision.