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2024 Honorees
Honored In The Following Categories

   •    Business and Industry
   •    Health and Wellness
   •    Education
   •    Government, Law, Military and First Responders

   •    Non-Profits:
    -Community Service, Social Action, Christian Ministry

   •    Family Life and Welfare
   •    Media, Sports and Entertainment


She Leads America is built on honoring those who serve through peer-based nominations. We build mutual respect.

Biblical Principles & Values

are central to our mission and message. Our focal point on God’s Word unites us. We build faith.

Official Recognition

Those nominated are then recognized by State and National Legislators for their accomplishments in their States. We build affirmation.

Community Outreach, Support & Collaboration

We work to contribute to others’ success and celebrate God’s faithfulness together. We rally around God’s vision as it is given to individual members. We look for ways to contribute to the Lord’s work through our members as they reach into their community with God’s principles and love. We watch the Lord work in deeper and broader ways, well beyond what we could have asked or imagined by ourselves. We build vision.

Matthew 5:16

"Her light shines before others who see her good deeds and glorifies the Father."


She Leads Florida 2024 Honorees

Meet our She Leads Florida State 2024 Honorees

Candace House

Cindy Wright

Daisy Davis

Wilma Williams

Staci Tramont

Debbie Phillips

Krystal Dewind

Karen Marquez-Molina

Carolyn Thompson

Sabrina Whitehorse

Kimberley Gordon Mayne

Sandra Hogue

Beatrice C. Thomas

Amanda Vargo

Kim Sunshine

Barbara Price

Jill Woolbright

Regina Nunnally

Catherine Robinson

Erika Benfield

Christy Chong

Barbara Alcarez

Ann Lautau

Ashton Hannigan Sapp

Rose White

Orjanette Bryant

Michelle Gordan

LaDonna Butler

Macy Baxi

Anna Chavez

Stephanie Bankardt

Kathy Smith

Joan Anothony

Kimberly Patterson

Gwen Jackson

Rose Wolherd

Susan Cousineau

Jearlyn Dennie

Marcelline Girlie

Marcia Marron

Jana Schmidt

Kiyan Michael

Naomi Sachse

Lynette Gee

Christan Stephenson

Barbara Deering

Crystal Wilson

Daisy Davis

Giving Honor Where Honor Is Due

Though seldom seen or thanked, these women have been a strong and steady voice for good in Florida, helping families thrive, organizations flourish, and communities connect. They have promoted goodwill across the state through their writings, speaking and humanitarian work. Many in Florida and beyond have been inspired and enriched by these distinguished Christian Women.

We feel it is of vital importance these women are recognized for their valuable contribution to the well-being of our families and society and as an example to the next generation.